May 16, 2012
@ 11:20 am

Out, but will be back

It seems that my heart arteries are blocked in an awkward place ….. too tricky to `stent`. That means a whole bi-pass operation. They don’t do them here, so will have to go to the next city along. They are doing all the pre-op tests here and I will come back here for a week to recuperate. I should get home for a few days before the bi-pass op. All good really, as they seem to be finding that, besides the blocked heart arteries, everything else is in good working order.


May 15, 2012
@ 5:42 am

Not out

That is that done.

A `caronarographie` that could have been an `angioplasty`,

but wasn’t. 

There is too much sludge in there to `stent` out.

I am guessing that they will recommend a `bi-pass`…..

….or is that a `bye-bye pass`~?

Awaiting their expert advice.


May 13, 2012
@ 9:00 pm


Well, that was an action packed afternoon / evening.

Blood tests, lung x-ray, this that …… and then they shaved my pubes off~!

All ready for the operating theatre tomorrow.

Just to think that they do this every day.

(glad I don’t~!)


May 11, 2012
@ 5:44 pm

Heart failure

Now having read the read-out from my in-hospital bicycle ride,

I find they stopped the test, not because it was finished,

but because the computer told them to stop me.

If I understand correctly,

the reading points to me having had multiple heart failures in the recent past

and there was no point pushing on up the road.

It was time to get the puncture repair kit out.

Left ventricle blockage looks favourite,

but I will know more on Monday.


May 10, 2012
@ 8:56 pm

Off to hospital

I took myself to the doc yesterday.  He did his doc type tests

and said….kinda casual, “best see a specialist”.

I think he took it seriously, because by the evening I had my blood-test

(good `bad cholesterol` LDL reading of 1.22g/l (122mg/dl)

and a rendezvous at the hospital for today.

So today, I have been for a bicycle ride in a hospital

and they said….kinda casual, “best do more tests”.

More use of the word `urgence` and I am going to have probes sent in for a closer look on Monday morning.

The room is booked.  Wi-fi in place, so will blog here on the happenings

(all being well~!)


May 9, 2012
@ 9:37 pm

40 years on.

40 years on.